Mr. Callan a twenty year veteran of the Fire Service and a former Captain with the Wallingford, Connecticut Fire Department. In 1989 at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Cincinnati he was selected from 7000 municipal and private sector instructors, as the International Society of Fire Instructors' - George D. Post Instructor of the Year. He is co-author of Hazardous Materials Exposures - Emergency Response and Patient Care published by Brady and Prentice Hall. He is the lead instructor on


the video training series by Emergency Resources Inc. - "Surviving the Hazardous Materials Incident". He is director of his own business - Callan and Company.Mr. Callan conducts Chemical Response training around the country for Industrial and Municipal Haz-Mat Teams. He was selected by EPA as a member of the Presidential Review Committee of the Clean Air Act 1990, Chemical Accident Prevention Committee, Chemical Accident Investigation Team and as a member of the US Delegation that traveled to Canada, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia for emergency response preparedness, prevention and response reviews and seminars.

In Addition, he was Team Leader of the Wallingford Hazardous Materials Team and has delivered over 6500 hours of training in fire suppression and hazardous materials operations. He lists as clients, corporations such as Louisiana Pacific, General Motors, Phillips Petroleum, Morton International, The Stanley Works, Southern New England Telephone, Ensign-Bickford Industries, Bristol Meyers, Merck, Kennedy Space Center, Dupont and IBM as well as Fire Departments and First Responders throughout the United States and Canada. He has conducted 7 nation-wide seminars for the International Association of Fire Chiefs on SARA - Title III. He is a Senior Instructor of Hazardous Materials for the Connecticut State Fire School. He also was an adjunct faculty of the National Fire Academy, ISFSI, University of New Haven, and Waterbury State Technical College. He holds an Associate Degree of Science in Fire Technology and is certified NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter III, NFPA 1041-Fire Service Instructor I, and NFPA 1021-Fire Officer I. Clients Testimonials Email Callan and Co. Ltd. - P.O. box 142 - Middlefield, CT 06455 Tel: (860) 349-0152 -- Fax: (860) 349-0162 All information Mike Callan, 1998, unless otherwise indicated


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